Shipping Time and Information.

Our standard policy is to ship all orders every day, any orders placed after 2pm will be shipped the following working day. Orders for NEXT WORKING DAY need to be placed before 12pm to guarantee next day delivery.

Can I come and pick up my order in person?

Yes! This has to be arranged in advance. We also have a drop off service but this is only currently available in South Wales at the moment. 

How long is the turnaround time on a machine once I order?

Once we have verified you as a professional tattoo artist they are built and shipped within 2-3 business days if we have not got the particular machines in stock then delivery time will vary. Please ask for details.

Do your machines come ready to use?

Yes. Every machine is hand built and tuned by the builder and ready to use out of the box. Therefore, every machine is made and tuned by the tattooer for the tattooer and will run the way a tattooer needs.

Are your machines guaranteed?

Each machine will vary but our general machines will have 1 year. Machines made by Tim Hendricks are guaranteed for life. If you have any trouble with your machine just send it back and it will be re-tuned free of charge, as long as it has not been badly tampered with. Owner pays for shipping costs, please contact us to find out the specific shipping rates in your area. If shipping prices are too high for you to ship to us, due to international rates, then springs and necessary parts can be sent to you.

What is the skin marker pen?

The skin marker pen is a ball point pen writing on the skin for pre-tattoo purposes, a pattern drawn directly onto skin to make a tattoo. All ink in the Tattoo Pens are 100% non-toxic. Because of the widespread use of ballpoint pens among-st school children.

What Is Tattsupp Rewards?

Tattsupp Rewards is a rewards program that we launched to give a little something back to artists as a thank you for ordering with us. Every time you place an order, you will receive Tattsupp Coins, which you can redeem for money off future purchases. The more Coins you collect, the quicker you can move up the tiers and unlock exclusive rewards.

How Do I Join?

Simply log in or make a new account and you'll be automatically enrolled in our rewards program - it couldn't be easier!

How Do I Earn Tattsupp Coins?

You earn Tattsupp Coins every time you shop with us, whether online or on the app. For every £1 spent online, you'll earn 1 Coin - or 2 Coins if you purchase through our app. You can also receive bonus Coins by signing up to our newsletter, referring a friend, and more!

How Do I View My Coins Balance?

Head to the rewards pop up or click the rewards button on the bottom right.  You will be able to view your Coins balance, see what tier you're currently on, how many more Coins are needed to reach the next tier, and find out more information about how to earn and spend Coins.

How Do I Redeem My Coins?

You can redeem your Coins at checkout for money off your order.


Is There A Limit On How Many Coins I Can Earn?

Not at all - earn as many Coins as you like!

Can I Combine Tattsupp Coins With Other Discounts Or Special Offers?

Yes, you can combine your Coins with other discounts and offers.

What Happens If I Refer A Friend And They Cancel Or Return An Order?

Any Coins given when referring a friend who places an order with us will be revoked if they then choose to cancel or return their order.

Do My Coins And Tier Status Expire?

Your Coins will expire 3 months after receiving them, which may cause you to drop down a tier or two if you don't have enough Coins to meet the tier requirements.

Do I Get My Coins Back If I Return An Order?

Yes, if you return an order, we will refund any Coins used in the purchase.

Help! Coins Are Missing From My Account.

For any issues relating to Tattsupp Rewards and Coins, please contact us on